Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Craftsie Finds @ Kids Style Hub

Want to know where you can shop for Craftsie finds? If you are in Melbourne or plan to visit in the near future, make sure you take some time out and head down to see Nicole at the Kids Style Hub in Hawthorn. Not only does Nicole organise fun and craftsie things for kids to do, but she also sells craftsie items made by creative and talented Australian and New Zealanders. I also happen to be one of the creative Australians, selling my 'A Little Bit Craftsie?' line of hair accessories. You can also hire rooms for birthdays, mothers' groups, craft classes, dance classes etc, etc. If you want to hire for mother's group or play group the hiring of the room is FREE. There is a picnic room where you can bring your own food to sit down and take in the atmosphere. There are tea and coffee fascilities for the parents.  Mums and kids are taken care of with different activities and events throughout the year. All details of events can be found on the website or blog. If you are a budding photographer, you can hire out the studio for photograhic portraits.  Lots to do and lots of fun to be had down at KSH.

Now, if you aren't living in Melbourne and you don't think can visit any time soon, don't worry that's  covered too! You can head on over to the website and purchase some craftsie items, my items are there too!! The range includes:


To name but a few. The best thing of course is that the items come directly from the artists and only a small commission is paid to Nicole with no rental fees for having the items in the shop. It's kind of like a market open 7 days a week! Be sure to take a look at the website and blog to keep up with all that is happening down at the Kid Style Hub and  support your local crafters and designers.

Kids Style Hub
436 Burwood Rd
Hawthorn VIC
E nicoleh@kidsstylehub.com.au
T 0410 525 051
Hours: Weekdays 9am - 5:30pm
           Weekends 9am - 4pm

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